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Actress Donna Allen Figueroa, had an audition for the Chicago production of “DREAMGIRLS,” but there was one small problem...(small being the operative word.) And Christine and Hannes discuss the talent necessary to compete in the competitive world of musical theater.

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Kris McGaha, comic/actress/writer, tells the quintessential Hollywood story: Girl gets offered to write a script for a famous comedian (think red hair and props) and the guy turns out to be a complete “CARROT FLOP.”  Shocking. 

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Writer/comedian Tony Figueroa had two siblings pass away within six months of one another. Listen to “THE FUNERAL STORY” and you’ll hear about the worst part of this experience, it takes place in Orlando. And Christine gives her “FUNERAL” wishes which involve watching her demo tape, Neil Young, and Coors Lite.

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Writer and Huff Po regular, Mark C. Miller, tells us about “HOLLYWOOD’S CIRCLE OF LIFE” being played out every weekend at yard sales, in the Fairfax District. 

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